Our company's technical center consists of the following departments:

Pre-delivery service department

Service department

Logistics department


The status means 100% accordance to DELL standards:


| Service center equipment;

| Logistics tracking of parts;

| The number and qualification of engineers;

| Work quality metrics, that are supervised by DELL service structures.

List of core services that our company technical center provides:


- warranty  service  of  DELL - manufactured  equipment,  which  means  100%  support  of  DELL,   service  package   standards

  (from basic warranty to all matters of ProSupport).

- maintenance  service  which  includes  a  number  of  check-up  and  tune-up services,  that are not included in the warranty.

- post-warranty service,  which  is  a  certain contractual relationship with the client, regarding the prolongation of the warranty

  for a certain period of time for the equipment that is no longer covered  by the warranty.

- Pre-delivery  service  includes  a  thorough  check-up  and  testing of the equipment before delivery to the client.  As part of a

  preliminary  agreement  with  the client,  additional hardware,  software in the form  of  an OS or applications can be installed

  during pre-delivery and equipment starting setup performed , which  allows to significantly  reduce commissioning time on the

  client's site.

- evaluation  of  storage   facilities  (e.g.  fault-tolerance  and  full-tolerance  testing),  that   are   handed   to   the   client   after


- installation, setup and commissioning on the client's site.




The technical center possesses  DELL Authorized Service Provider and DELL|EMC Service Delivery Partner, statuses,  which  has been confirmed by passing an independent audit by the DELL.



































The   company's   engineers   possess  a  long-time   experience   in   repairing,   testing   and   maintenance  of  DELL and EMC, manufactured equipment, constantly improving their qualification.


Each  engineer  has  to  visit  a  number  of  training  courses  and  pass  corresponding tests, that is confirmed with appropriate certificates, which allow the maintenance of -  Dell Latitude,   Dell OptiPlex,   Dell Precision,   Dell PowerEdge,   Dell PowerVault,   Dell Compellent,   EMC Storages systems,  and more.


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