Founded  in  2000,  "MiroMIX United"  Ltd.  company  is  now  in  the  leading  positions  of  the  IT  system integration segment  of  the  Ukrainian  market  today.  "MiroMIX United"  Ltd.  is  the  head of a company group, known as the "MiroMIX Group"   which   consists   of   "MiroMIX Direct"  Ltd.  and  "MiroMIX Service"  and   "MiroMIX Project"   brand names. Both  companies focus their activities on projects, consulting services and system integration, while working in different target segments of the market  ( find out more about the company's activities via link ).



"MiroMIX United"  Ltd.  is  one   of  the   most   experienced   partners  of   both  Dell  and  ЕМС  in   Ukraine,  by   the partnership  length  and  by  the  quality  of  certified  company  personnel.  These  brands'  products, services and inventions are often the cornerstone of our complex projects.


MiroMIX  United  has  every possible Dell  partnership status ( from the relatively "ancient"  Dell Authorized Distributor    and  Dell Authorized Service Provider  with Dell|EMC Service Delivery Partner to the modern  Dell Preferred  Partner   and  Dell Premier Partner,   and  a  list  of  other  no  less  important,  such  as  one that  allows  providing services to transnational corporations that have a presence in Ukraine and cooperate with Dell on a global level (  these  can be viewed via link...).

This is the reason why everything that is connected with the Dell brand  in Ukraine  has come to be associated with the MiroMIX name.




When working on complex projects our company relies not only on

equipment, software and technologies of Dell

(Dell Enterprise, Dell Software, Dell Networking, Dell Security, Dell-Wyse, etc.),

EMC (EMC Hardware, EMC Software, RCA, etc.), Vmware, Emerson Electric, but those of many

more well-known brands from the pool of our strategic vendor-partners, which can be learned through this link ...





MiroMIX  United  has  successfully  completed  hundreds  of complex integration projects in Ukraine, the majority of which  were  vital  for  our  country  (such as disaster-proof data centers for the 2012-objects,  Data Centers  for the government  departments   of   Ukraine,   leading   Ukrainian   and   foreign  banks (get  more  details  through  this link...),  communication companies. Time  has  proven,  that  the  MiroMIX  United  crew   is  ready  to   create   and fulfill  any  IT project, no matter how difficult.




High  quality  service  and  support of equipment and solutions  based on it have become a “signature” feature of MiroMIX  both  in  and outside  of  Ukraine. More information regarding  MiroMIX Service can be found through this  link.



Through all the long years of its existence, MiroMIX United not only has no negative feedback but can also proudly present  a  big  number  of  commendations  from  the  most  influential  Ukrainian customers and the transnational business representatives.



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