Activities of company in the area of system IT integration

Everything regarding the Dell trademark

Delivery  of  any  Dell  equipment  from  the  company  warehouse and ordered shipping  in  terms  of  the  official  Dell  distributor  contract (from  portable  and tabletop   systems,  all   kinds  of   servers,  storage  systems,   data  backup  and archiving, network  equipment to software, data protection and other systems), designing   of  complex  hardware/software  solutions  based  on  Dell  solutions, providing  maintenance and warranty service  of any Dell equipment that such warrants apply to.

Everything regarding the EMC trademark

Delivery  of  any  EMC  equipment  from the warehouse and ordered shipping in terms  of  the  partnership contract  with EMC (all kinds of storage systems,  data backup,  archiving  and  other   data   processing,   data   protection  software, enterprise  IT-security  and  other  kinds  of software and services, required for it's installation).


Designing(providing qualified IT-consulting)

IT-infrastructures of medium and big enterprises

Do  you  have  an  IT-infrastructure   or   are  you  just  planning  to  build  it?  Our company   specialists   will  examine   your   enterprise's  business-processes  and suggest a couple of options for building the IT-structure from the ground up or a modernization plan.

We  possess  years  of  experience  building   IT-facilities   of  any  complexity  for medium and big enterprises. When designing and auditing, we rely on the most recent IT tendencies  and practices  with  the  use of virtualization,  SAN(Storage Area  Network),   SDD   (Software  Defined   Data-center),  appliance   of   data deduplication and the most advanced archiving and backuping systems. From the project's start, the key moments are information security, seamless migration and company's process continuity, further support and  IT-system development. All required tests are performed to ensure that all systems are in working order.

Performing an IT-infrastructure audit

for medium and big enterprises

Your  enterprise  is  working, but it's development is inhibited by the state of your IT-structure.  Our  company's  specialists will perform an independent evaluation of  the  state  of  your  IT-infrastructure  with further recommendations regarding

improvement  the  quality  if  it's  work,  operating  costs   reduction  or  they  will provide   you  with  the  development  plan  for  the  existing  infrastructure  and options to build it "from scratch" when a radical change is necessary.   And  this plan will be created exclusively for your enterprise.


Design and construction of fault-tolerant Data Centers

One  of  our company's main activities is the construction of such data facilities, that  would  remove (or  at   least  minimize)  stoppage  of  our  clients'  business processes.  We  have  three  things  to assist us in this goal: redundancy of all the critical  components  of  the  facility,  application and services virtualization and total power redundancy.

Data Center crash protection is the foundation of business continuity. Hardware and  software  that  we  use  to  fullfill  this  task  has the usual availability level of 99.999%.



Design and construction of full-tolerant Data Centers

The  construction  of  a  full-tolerant  Data  Center  comes  from  the necessity to provide   indispensable  continuity   for   some  (crucial   for  a  certain  business) business-processes  in  emergency  situations (such  as fires, floods, other natural disasters, war or terrorist attacks).  To  achieve  this , Data Centers are split into a certain amount of independent(usually 2 or 3) remotely located sites, equipped with  the  newest  software  and  connection  channels,  that  work continuously regardless   of   outside   cataclysms.   Our  company   has   a   long   record   of constructing such facilities of any level of complexity.

Authorized warranty and post-warranty service

Our company provides professional  and authorized service  and  maintenance to  the  equipment  produced  by Dell,  EMC and other well-known brands from our partnership list, and to the facilities based on that equipment.

Design and construction of hardware/software solutions

regarding data backuping and archiving, providing data protection, restoration and integrity checking

Software made by Dell, EMC, CommVault, Symantec, hardware/software  tape library systems and  "backup-to-disc"- class systems from Dell and EMC,  are  the main  building  blocks in a modern DataCenter creation that our architects use.

Data migration

If  you  decided  to  change  the  model  of the data storage device of even it's manufacturer, we can help your data to easily migrate to it's new home.

Construction of cloud infrastructure, cloud migration

If you decided that your own data center is too expensive, we can help your infrastructure to migrate into the cloud.

Construction of power failure protection facilities

of any level of complexity for medium and big enterprises


What  is  more  important  in  a  Data  Center,  than it's computing part? Nothing! Well, perhaps it's power supply and protection from power failures. Solutions from Emerson Electric and Schneider Electric will be of assistance.

Creating solutions regarding IT-infrastructure

protection from modern-day cyber threats

The   FireEye   security   platform   provides   the   information  security  team  with  a dependable tool to detect, analyze and solve incidents in shorter terms comparing to traditional methods.

Creating solutions for next generation firewalls

Dell  SonicWall  is  the  only  platform  that  combines  automatic  and  dynamic security functions of the highest level via next generation firewall (brandmauer).

Creating solutions for identification management and access control

Dell  One  Identity  Manager is, from our point of view, the best software of this class in  world  as  of  today,  being  a  solution  providing  easy  management  of access control  to  users  profiles,  permissions  and enterprise information security. Dell One Identity  Manager 's   automated   architecture   makes  main  access  control  and profile  decisions  simpler  in comparison to traditional products, that are costly and more complex.


Creating solutions for operational real-time data change audit

Dell  Change Auditor   software   is  a  product  line  of   solutions  for  performing

real-time operational audit of  changes  in catalog services, mail and file servers that work on Windows operating system. Dell Change Auditor  products feature role-based  access  control,  access  object  protection and an event journal to increase    the   level   of   security   and   meeting   law   regulations    regarding information   protection.  Change  Auditor  also  offers  an  automatic   detailed report creation  mechanism  to provide protection from policy violations and to prevent risks and errors in everyday modifications.

Creating solutions for an IT-virtualization infrastructure

with a combined model

Our favourite vendor and thus, we as well, has a wonderful thing - Dell vWorkspace, that  makes  workspace  virtualization  flexible,  affordable,  simple  to manage and easily obtainable for your company.

Creating solutions for integrated IT-infrastructure management

Dell  KACE  device  family  for  system control covers every organization's system management  tasks  from  it's  installation to scheduled maintenance and write-off. Created  with  power  and money saving in mind, KACE devices can usually be installed in a day and have relatively small cost of ownership.

Creating solutions for workspace, server

and data center virtualization.

Providing  computing  power  or  it's  logical  array,  not bound by actual  hardware settings, ensuring that computing processes , that are running on the same physical volume   are   being   isolated,   with   the  help  of  VMware,  Citrix,  DataCore  and Microsoft software.

Creating solutions for productivity monitoring

and application availability

Dell  Foglight  is  a  family  of  complex  products and individual tools for services and  application  control,  that  provides  deep  analysis  and  understanding of service    relations   between   business   services,   end   users,   IT   services   and infrastructure components.

Creating solutions for providing and managing access control regarding data operations by privileged users

Total Privileged Account Management (TPAM) from  Dell Software provides security and business-required trust when deploying solutions for Privileged Session Manager (PSM)  session   control  and   Privileged   Password  Management  (PPM)  password control.  Being  a  hardware solution with an agent-free deployment, configured to install  Privileged  Password Manager  and Privileged Session Manager, TPAM allows the highest level  of security for crucial element of your infrastructure in short notice.

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